CLUB TAXI - transport between our clubs FREE!

If you visit one club, the entry to the second club is FREE!


We warn our customers!

If a dishonest taxi driver will try to convince You that our clubs are closed or that we do not have any ladies etc., please don't believe him! It's not true!

The taxi driver is trying to take You to a place where he gets a high commission, which You will have to pay then.

Only here you will find updated information about clubs, opening time and transport.


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Two of the best clubs in Prague. Everything what a real man needs to perfect well-being and happiness, luxurious environment, prices of drinks and services that won't shock You, but more likely surprise You pleasantly!

Night Club Sweet Paradise - this is synonym for fun, sexy girls, great nigh club and escort servis.

New: unusual erotic activities - photo 1 and photo 2.

If You visit one of our clubs, we will transport You FOR FREE and with FREE ENTRANCE to our second club!

We'll let You flow freely through the paradise full of beautiful ladies, ready to fulfil Your expectations, hopes and dreams. Sexy girls will give You an attention in the cozy rooms of clubs, as well as in Your hotel or private.

We have a large selection of beautiful girls from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia for night club or escort servis.

Well-stocked bar with a great selection of traditional drinks and cocktails will definitely satisfy You.
Our motto is and always will be
„Our customer is our master“ this is why we consistently pay attention especially to the cleannes and safety of our customers. Considering the level of environment and services, including the selection of girls, our prices are more than great! Prague, the heart of Europe, beautiful Slavic buxom girl, Czech beer and the best prices.

These are the SWEET PARADISE clubs for seven years !  Promovideo

We co-operate with HIV test INSTI.