CLUB TAXI - transport between our clubs FREE!

If you visit one club, the entry to the second club is FREE!


We warn our customers!

If a dishonest taxi driver will try to convince You that our clubs are closed or that we do not have any ladies etc., please don't believe him! It's not true!

The taxi driver is trying to take You to a place where he gets a high commission, which You will have to pay then.

Only here you will find updated information about clubs, opening time and transport.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it go at your place?

After You ring the bell, the doorman will open door to You and invite You into the club. He will offer You putting things in a locker and escort You into the club where You can settle Yourself or the club manager, or bartender, will take care of You.

They will order You a drink and introduce girls, if You will want to.

In our clubs, girls do not go alone and impose on You! It's up to You who will You choose as your companion.

Can I reserve the girl for the whole night on my hotel?

Yes, after the advance on price. Contact our manager or bartender.

Miss Lucy is a very pretty girl, how can I get information, when she works?

Call one of our club and we will gladly give You the information when and where a specific girl will be working or we will recommend another girl with a similar specialisation or who is of a similar type.

I would like to reserve the girl on threesome sex with my girlfriend. Is it possible?

Yes, this is not a problem. Every girl has written her specialization on the profile.

I would like to reserve a girl on my hotel, how can I do it?

The best is to visit our clubs and select one of our ladies. In another way You can call to the club and we will recommend You the girl according to Your ideas.

Do You offer the transport from club to my hotel or home?

Yes, there is always one of our company cars in the club, which can give You a ride here or anywhere else. See more at our Contacts.

Can I reserve girl for escort to another country?

Yes, but You have to contact us, visit one of our clubs and select one of our ladies.