I arrived, what now?

After a ring at the door of the club, a doorman will open to you and invites you in. Offers you to put away your belongings in a locked closet, and accompany you to the club area where you can sit by yourself, or you will take the club manager or bartender. Ordering you drink, and if you wish, introduce you to the girls.

In our club girls do not go alone, and never impose you! It's up to you if you choose one of the girls as your companion.


Is it possible for you to book a girl for the night to my hotel?

Yes, but it is necessary to lodge a financial deposit, and ideally this matter, contact manager / bartender.


I like Miss Lucy, how do I know which is she working?

Call us  to one of the clubs where you willingly provide information when and where they will present particular girl, or we will recommend another girl, who has the same specialty and the type of your chosen girl similar.


We would like a girl into a threesome with my partner, is it possible?

Yes, this is not a problem. For each of our girls shows their specialization.


I'd like to order the girl to him at his hotel. What can I do?

It is best to visit our clubs and the girl personally choose. Alternatively, call us and we will suggest the girl to your liking.


This ensures me of your clubs service to my hotel or home?

Yes, in clubs is continuously available service car that will take you or take. More on Contact Information.


It is possible to take the girl to escort to another country?

Yes, but it is necessary to contact us, visit one of the clubs and the Ladies to choose.