Night club Sweet Paradise - DOLLY

Prague 3, Chelčického 5
Phone: +420 731 221 259
Tel: +420 222 212 897


Night Club Dolly is located in the historic part of Žižkov.

Entrance to the night club is designed with stylish spiral staircase, after which you reach the bar where you will find comfortable seating in luxurious leather seating with a nice view on the dance stage. At the rear there are private spaces rooms, more private rooms are on the floor. All rooms have a shower or bath and toilet. Rooms are installed on a phone that is attached to the bar. All rooms catchy comfortable temperature and the room is well ventilated.

Each room is always carried out after each stay and cleaning at least twice a day are sprayed with disinfectants. Pleasant fragrance is ensured by automatic dispensing fragrance. Purely washed and scented sheets and towels are always delivered to the rooms after each customer. In our Night Club we do everything to make customers feel comfortable and were happy with all the services.

Night club Sweet Paradise is in the heart of royal Vinohrady.

Do catchy walking down the stairs, which are embedded in the sidewalk and are lined with brass railings. After passing through beautiful brass door and hallway you are at the bar. And this club offers luxury seating in leather seats, from which you have a view on the dance stage. Just at the entrance is one of the private rooms, the main part of the club is open the second and the others are placed in the back, including the VIP lounge.

If you choose any of the more than one hundred and twenty girls, who are alternate, can be found in all rooms needed peace and privacy. The rooms are comfortable temperature and well ventilated. All rooms are equipped with shower or bath. In each room sounds erotically tinged music and snacks in the room you can make a phone that is in every room and is connected with a bar.

Night club Sweet Paradise

Prague 3, Slezská 75
Phone: +420 737 668 233
Tel: +420 272 732 906