Sweet Paradise

Night club Sweet Paradise

Prague 3, Slezská 75
Mobile: +420 737 668 233
Tel: +420 272 732 906


Sweet Paradise Night Club can be found in the heart of the Royal Vinohrady.

At the nightclub, you climb the stairs that are embedded in the pavement and are lined with brass railings. After passing through the beautiful brass doors and the corridor you find yourself at the bar. This club also offers luxurious sitting in leather seats overlooking the dance floor. Right beside the entrance is one of the private rooms, the main part of the club is accessible to the other and the others are located in the back, including the VIP lounge.

If you choose one of more than a hundred and twenty girls who are here to pleasure you, you will find peace and privacy in every room. The rooms are warm and well ventilated. All rooms are equipped with showers or bathtubs. In each room plays erotically-painted music and you can have a snack at the room ordered by a telephone in each room that is connected to the bar.