This room is deliberately marked by three Sixths as Satanic. This is because this room is equipped with SM style.

The bright red color of this room, along with black accessories, strongly evokes the sexual atmosphere of this place.

There is an original wooden log that runs out of it, a massive wooden cross with chains is attached to the wall, and the bed is laced with chains triggered by the ceiling to ensure perfect fastening. There are luxurious leather handcuffs on the wall and legs and a few whips and flaps. In large scales is a set of rhododendrons and more than a two-meter whip. There is also a special positionable gynecological chair, which can also be attached.

Room features a large shower and toilet.

Whether you are a submissive or dominant type, you will definitely choose and talk to one of our girls to satisfy you the right way.

This room designed in black-red colors is dominated by a large semi-circular bed with heart-shaped pillows. In the rear of the room there is a glass colored shower and toilet. The pleasant atmosphere of the room illustrates stylish paintings.