Themed rooms

This room is decorated in a modern style in black-red-white. The shower and toilet are separated by a wall made of modern glass bricks, in a very fine Italian design. The dominant feature of the room is the 400l whirlpool. The interior of the room is comfortably lighted with LED diodes in intimate colors. The leather-covered door will ensure peace and privacy.

If you choose a girl and come into this room, you will suddenly find yourself in the deck of a yacht off the Mediterranean Sea.

The entire room is precisely lined with wooden decks and the atmosphere of luxury decking is illustrated by round windows, behind which there is a red light to increase and stimulate sexual appetite. Completely wooden is a shower cubicle with cloth curtain, which is illuminated so that when the girl shower, the graceful curves of her body gracefully appear.

The center of the room is filled with a unique water bed, which is specially built for erotic fun. The bed pack is partially gel-free to prevent the bed from throwing you off and being disturbed by your movements. The bed is warm and has a very pleasant and relaxing effect on your entire body.

If you enjoy a nice massage, you will see how much energy you can get on this extraordinary bed. To make you feel as if in a sweet paradise, the room is equipped with accessories that you can find on every ship, such as ropes, nets, rescue rings and inflatable fish fugue.

If you want to make the erotic games even more, there is also a very comfortable and convenient armchair in your room.


We call this room camper.

The walls and ceilings are decorated with renowned artist's drawings to remind customers of camping in the woods in nature. The toilet and the shower are MASH-style wooden, so you can look out while you shower. In bed with a full-bodied tent, you are delighted to remember those young years and you will also enjoy a hand-carved totem hanger.

The entire room is very pleasant and relaxing, plus you will not be bitten by ants!


Room was created to stimulate comfort of the coast of Hawaii.

The dominant feature of this room is a wallpaper with seashore and palm trees. You can sit in rattan chairs and of course there is a large bathroom with a blue-yellow toilet.

The feeling and warmth of summer and the warm seashore will be brought to you by this room together with one of our girls.


This is the smallest room in our nightclub. It is equipped with a chrome shower and a 180 x 200 cm irregular trapeze shaped bed, thus providing enough space for erotic play.

The room is lined with wooden boards, and mirrors are attached to the walls around the bed, which alternate to form a chessboard. The mirrors are framed with ice with diode light snakes, reflecting mirror-like reflections to create an impression of a light maze, thanks to the angle they mirror.

Overall, this room is reminiscent of an exotic terrarium, and therefore we have added it to very successful models of exotic reptiles and snakes.

In this private room, girls look very sexy, and it's a blonde or brunette, so her experiences will be underlined by this exotic-animal environment.


This room is slightly attuned to the medieval style until the time of the kings and princesses.

The main part of this room is a huge queen-size bed and curtains. The bed is 2 x 3 meters in size, and it's best if you want to take two or more girls to smother. If you take a girlfriend with you, you will not really be on this bed. The large size of the bed makes you feel the most wild erotic games you can imagine.

In order to preserve the medieval atmosphere, instead of the shower, there is a huge oak in the room that can be used as a shower or bath.

The enlightenment of the room is done with candlesticks that shimmer and look like candles and illustrate the intended atmosphere of this room. If you are warming up a bit more on sex, you can find directional fans in the corners of the bed, which will cool you off before playing with the girls.


Salt Cave

This room is an original salt cave with all the healing effects that salt caves provide.

The construction of more than a thousand kilograms of salt blocks, illuminated by the pleasant soft light, creates a completely unrepeatable atmosphere of this place.

Combine your health with pleasure with a beautiful companion!