This room is decorated in a modern style in black-red-white. The shower and toilet are separated by a wall made of modern glass bricks, in a very fine Italian design. The dominant feature of the room is the 400l whirlpool. The interior of the room is comfortably lighted with LED diodes in intimate colors. The leather-covered door will ensure peace and privacy.


The dominant feature of this room is the original Škoda Octavia from the 1950s. In the central part of the room there is a really huge, white framed bed. The atmosphere of the 1950s is also inspired by the retro seats in the same period with a white table.

At the bottom of this duplex room there is a spacious bathroom with a shower, sink, bidet, toilet and a large whirlpool.

Ideal space for privacy and playing especially with several charming girls at once.


This room is tuned into finely green-yellow colors.

The dominant feature of this room is a stand-alone bathtub and a huge bed with a soft mattress.

If you feel like there is not enough space on that bed, you will not be squeezed even with five girls! The room is ofcourse equipped with a toilet and a shower.


This room is designed in Egyptian Queen style.

The center of the large bed dominates the original sandstone statue of the sphinx. The illuminated diode shower unit allows you to take a gentle shower before the bubble bath.

The room is lit by spotlights through glass bowls on sandstone pillars that surround the bed and enhance the atmosphere of ancient Egypt.

The main equipment in this room, which attracts every connoisseur and enthusiast of erotic, is a huge whirlpool. The bath is embedded in the floor of the room to make an impression of the Egyptian spa. The whirlpool has lots of massage nozzles and is lit by the white light that reveals and highlights the charm of our girls. We deliberately chose a bathtub so large that you could dive into it with two or more girls.

A pleasant relaxing massage at our girls' club will make you relax in this room. And, of course, the bubble bath, the beautiful girls and the cool are the champagne! Therefore, when you order this room with your lady, you will automatically receive a bottle of BOHEMIA SEKT.